Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lost Respect for Nobel Prize

Al Gore wins Nobel Peace Prize? Well, all that means to me is that I have less respect for the Nobel Peace Prize now. I plan on writing about global warming at some point. I am still studying the issues and learning. Is the earth warming - no doubt in my mind - but in the 1970's we were hearing of a new ice age. I think things run in cycles, though. Even political topics run in cycles; prior to the global warming debate it was concern over the hole in the ozone layer. Have you heard of that topic lately - nah..... We are on to the next crisis that can fund our campaigns/lobbying efforts/causes. I am amazed that someone like Al Gore can spout half-truths (much of what was used in his movie has been revealed to be inaccurate spins) and be heralded by the Nobel group as the new champion. If not for the hypocrisy.....I would have an easier time with it all. Please check back for later blog posts on global warming and energy........JD