Thursday, September 18, 2008

Continuing the Rememberance.......

Let me first say that I was appalled by the terrorist threat that someone put on the 9/11 blog post of mine below. I hope the authorities tract that down.

As part of my travels over the past week or so, beginning on 9/11, I paid a visit to the new 9/11 Pentagon Memorial. It opened to the public last Thursday (9/11/08) and it is very moving.

The tragic terrorist act at the Pentagon took the lives (184) of not just those on board the airplane, but a significant number of people serving our great country inside the Pentagon.

The memorial is made up of benches, inscribed on the edge with the victims name. Benches with the end facing the Pentagon signifies a victim on the airplane. Ends facing away from the Pentagon signify those lost inside.

The monument is new - but I believe it will mature into something truly wonderful in the Nation's Capital......