Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Religious Freedom

From the SC House Republican Caucus:

One of the most sacred rights that countless South Carolinians have fought and died for is religious freedom. The great leaders in our country's history have been guided by faith that was nurtured over the years in homes, communities and schools. Today, elected officials continue to be buoyed by their strong faith as they make tough decisions during difficult times.

But religious freedom on college campuses has come under attack by Democrats. The massive Democrat spending bill, or so-called stimulus package, recently signed into law by President Barack Obama prohibits funds to renovate buildings on college campuses from being used for buildings with any type of religious connection. Our own U.S. Senator Jim DeMint has called the bill "a direct attack on students of faith."

The South Carolina House Republican Caucus believes strongly in protecting religious freedom and will not allow students to come under attack. That's why House Republicans voted today to safeguard religious freedom on college campuses in South Carolina. According to an amendment passed with overwhelming support from House Republicans, state supported colleges receiving federal stimulus stabilization funds must continue to support and maintain existing student programs and facilities used for religious activities.