Thursday, May 17, 2007

Liberal Fear

CNN called this morning to ask if I would be willing to appear on Paula Zahn's show tonight with Rep. Todd Rutherford (D/Richland Co.). Putting off an opportunity to conduct an auction tonight and make some $$ (important around my house, since we are part-time legislators), I agreed. They called again around 3:00 PM and I went through the pre-show interview - feeling me out on the issues. I then went home, changed clothes and got in the car to head back to Columbia for the show --- only to get a call from CNN --- "Uh, Representative Duncan, we have found someone else to come on the show tonight to handle your side of the issue and so, we decided we will not need you." Now, no offense to the gentleman from the Grassroots Gunowners Association - but he didn't have anything to do with the drafting of this bill. Yeah, OK. He did testify last week at the Sub-Committee hearing. But I would think that you would want the author of the bill to at least be involved and to explain his reasoning behind the legislation. I am fine debating Todd Rutherford on this or any other issue. As a side note, I really like Todd and I have tremendous respect for him on a lot of fronts.

But, apparently CNN decided that they didn't want someone like me on the show - with a levelheaded, commonsense, non-sensational and non-emotional approach to the issue. Instead they wanted to create a flamboyant debate and give Rep. Rutherford a chance to win - Thus furthering the liberal agenda and promoting big government to protect us. Go Figure. How does Glenn Beck stand it over there?