Thursday, July 5, 2007

Prayerful Consideration

Dan Hoover with The Greenville News called today to ask if I was considering running against Lindsey Graham for the United States Senate. I don't know how he heard this - but I answered his questions truthfully. Yes - I am prayerfully considering the possibilities. Why?

A number of folks from all across the state have asked me to consider this.

You see, it seems that people in South Carolina are just as upset as I that our senior Senator would work with members of the other party, namely Ted Kennedy, to craft a comprehensive piece of legislation dealing with Immigration Reform in secret. I have a lot of concerns about this legislation and the processes I am seeing take place in Washington which could and do affect this great country of ours.

Should the Lord guide me to run against Lindsey Graham, you will hear more about these concerns as well as my visions for America.

I know there are a lot of people searching for someone, anyone, to run against him. As I search for this decision, I ask for your continued prayers and positive thoughts - for me and my family, as well as Lindsey Graham.