Saturday, July 21, 2007

Senator Verdin Sends mail on Illegal Immigration

Way to go Danny Verdin. Senator Verdin recently jumped on the illegal immigration bandwagon in a BIG way (not that he wasn't already on it) by sending out a mail piece that was excellent.

From the piece: "State Senator Danny Verdin says that illegal immigration has become a harsh reality in South Carolina and Congress isn't acting fast enough to fix the problem. He and his Senate colleagues have found a way to address the issue at the state level.

Many southern states, including Georgia, Tennessee and Lousiana have already enacted laws preventing businesses from hiring illegal immigrants. Verdin says that if we don't act soon, South Carolina will become a safe haven for illegal immigrants fleeing other states, putting a massive burden on taxpayers."

It goes on to say: "We must welcome legal immigrants in South Carolina. But we cannot allow those who entered our nation illegally to stay here on the backs of hardworking taxpayers." Senator Verdin continues, "At the Federal level, amnesty is the absolute wrong thing to do."

Thanks, Senator Verdin and colleagues, for pounding the rock on this issue!