Sunday, March 2, 2008

Climate Change


Well, I am off to attend a climate change conference in New York City. I really don't know what to expect, but as that I am interested in the topic of climate change (global warming, etc.) I am excited about hearing what others from around the globe have to say.

I recently read a book which I recommend to anyone who is interested in the subject. It is titled "Unstoppable Global Warming: every 1500 years" and provides some very sound evidence that warming and cooling of the globe is naturally occurring on a 1500 year +/- cycle, tied to the sun's activities.

I am currently reading Tom Mulliken's book on global warming. Tom lives in Camden, SC and is a friend of Rep. Mike Pitts. Tom has traveled the globe studying the issue and I am enjoying the book so far......I just started.

I look forward to posting about the conference and picking up some additional information that I can share with my House colleagues.