Sunday, March 30, 2008


I had the good fortune of meeting with a young student from Presbyterian College on Friday to discuss soil and water conservation in South Carolina. She was interviewing me for her internship at the Joe Adair Center, a wonderful nature and conservation learning center located in the heart of Laurens and run by a great lady named Laura Blind.

The interview involved a discussion about the surface water withdrawal bill currently being debated in the Senate and evolved into more detailed discussions on the environment, global warming, the economy and current events.

I left the meeting energized and very optimistic about the generation of college students currently enrolled. Knowing how, generally, liberal-leaning most college campuses are, Mandy convinced me that there are self-thinking students who are digesting the information given to them, investigating all sides of the issues and coming up with their own conclusions about things. Thanks, Mandy, for giving me hope for our future and good luck! You have a very bright future, I believe!