Sunday, March 16, 2008

Energy Frustrations

I picked a crappy time to buy a diesel vehicle. I bought one because I was wearing out gasoline motors driving as many miles a year as I do. Just the other day I went to fill up and paid $3.97/gallon! Yeah - it was a bio-diesel 80/20 blend, but still -

they didn't give me any of this petroleum by-product to go with it!

Why is diesel fuel so much higher than gasoline? It is a by-product of gasoline production anyway, right?

I am writing this as I watch a documentary on the DOC channel entitled "Oil is Blood," about the US' effort to get oil for the WWII war effort. The question I have at this time is: Could the US do something like fight a world war again? Would Americans rally around any war effort the way they did before.